• AnthroTech / WA State

    Washington State Fish & Wildlife — digital transformation and shift to D8

The Project 

In 2017 together with Anthro-tech, a Celebrate Drupal partner, we were engaged to assist the state of Washington Fish & Wildlife with a digital transformation of the public facing website, which had not had a visual or content architecture update in over 10 years. The system was built using PHP and the proposed new technology is Drupal. 

The Solution

Anthro-tech began with a well honed process for engaging the client in Discovery over a 6 month period for purposes of User Centered Design. This included a thorough Content Audit that helped the agency zero in on the content that users were gravitating toward the most so it could be prioritized in the User Experience and Interface UX & UI. Celebrate Drupal Architects also evaluated the make-up of 50+ individual functionalities and content displays and how they would most easily, or not map to Drupal 8 core or contributed modules.

CD also provides ongoing on-site and remote consulting, tailored training, and staffing recommendations. This goal currently is to assist with building out a transition team, as well as introduce the existing team to Drupal and common clould hosting options and tools in parallel with the Discovery and UCD period. 

Following this the digital implementation will begin and is expected to last an additional 6 to 9 months. 

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