• San Francisco Airport

    San Francisco Airport — responsive way finding, and creating a plan to transition to Drupal 8

The Project 

Fuse Ideas, a Boston based digital marketing firm with expertise in Airport media and other verticals, was in need of Drupal expertise to assist their client San Francisco airport. Celebrate Drupal was engaged and provided a Technical lead and team including management, as well as back and front end Drupal developers. The airport has complex needs and a number of projects in parallel. A priority was replacing an outdated Flash based map with one generated using the airport's own CAD files paired with a solution created by a 3rd party firm called Jibestream who specializes in interior mapping for many large buildings world wide such as shopping malls and hospitals.

The Solution

No one solution can be cited as there are many projects and sub-projects on-going within this engagement.


 The top priority for the airport was mapping. To integrate Jibestream Maps with Drupal 7 the current platform, a custom module was created with PHP that leveraged the Jibestream SDK, Drupal location data for destinations in the airport, and was paired with a custom UI built mainly using Javascript and JQuery. This will soon be embeded in a page on the public website which is rendered using mainly JSON objects and Javascript for the UI. It is currently due to launch by early 2018.


Another high priority was the upgrade of the airport's AWS platform and the enhancement of security policies. Our team did a full upgrade of all servers and inventory of any unused creating a significant savings. We also reviewed and recreated all documention to reflect updates. An enhanced workflow was implemented using Gitbhub instead of Amazon's Beanstalk product for improved flexibility over code reviews, feature branching and code deployments. A strict deployment schedule was also put in place bi-monthly and only in the case of new discoveries in production that needed immediate attention, would this process be overridden.


We had the good fortune of building out a section of the Airport's museum Drupal 7 website 'Video Arts' that will feature exhibits from video artists that are cycled throughout the year in the airports theater. 


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