• FortyFour | Exide Batteries

    Exide Batteries — an updated look paired with D8 multisite serving 30 international regions

The Project

In partnership with Atlanta based creative firm FortyFour (44), Celebrate Drupal assisted with technical implementation on the digital transformation for Exide.com — main public website of 125 year old battery maker Exide Batteries.

The Solution

Drupal was chosen as the CMS due to its open source nature and ability to provide a web solution that could serve 90 countries in 30 regions around the globe. Those administering the website also needed to be able to share some content, but also have the ability to have country or region specific content, as well as full segregation from adminstration of other countries. A Drupal 8 multisite configuration coupled with the Domain Access module provided the base functionality for sharing and segregation. This along with some custom PHP and Javascript allowed the ability to present Countries grouped by Region on the main menu. 

The Bootstrap framework provided a reliable mechanism for responsive design implementation. In the interior of the site, an innovative secondary "right-rail" menu was designed by 44 and implimented using Javascript by our front-end development team. Other display components provided the means for country content editors to feature product nuances local to their market. 

The site continues to evolve and be deployed across international markets to replace legacy sites. Hosting for the site was provided by Acquia.

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