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Olympia, WA - April 21, 2015 -- Celebrate Drupal, a leading Drupal Development Services provider and Digital Agency announced today it will offer 24X7 Drupal Application Support services to enterprise clients. The company has delivered countless successful Drupal CMS projects to government, corporate and NGO clients. These include the states of North Carolina, New York, Georgia, Missouri, the U.S. Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Education, Hasbro Inc., Voya Financial and others.

Celebrate Drupal has perfected the offering via a successful beta program where ongoing support was provided to a group of clients over the past 12 months. It will expand this via growing its global headcount through relationships in the Drupal Community in the U.K. and Ukraine to support clients worldwide on a 24 X 7 basis. 

Chris McGrath Co-founder and V.P. of Celebrate Drupal said "we see a huge need for expert support services from our clients and the enterprise Drupal community in general. We believe that with our level of enterprise experience that we can provide a benefit to the community increasing overall confidence in the product."

The company's support offering features four levels of pricing and included benefits that range from Small Business to Major Enterprise starting as low as $750.00 per month, pricing is available by viewing and or download the PDF.. Depending on the level of support an enterprise customer chooses they could see response times to critical issues as low as 1 hour 24X7. This level of service is essentially not available in the marketplace at this time. The company is aware of competing offers by Acquia and Commerce Guys, but sees its own offering as being more affordable and sustainable as it allows clients to apply un-used support hours to feature enhancement tasks. In most cases competing offers work in such a way that if hours are not used each month, the client looses the hours more like an insurance premium. 

Headquartered in Olympia Washington, Celebrate Drupal is a full-service digital agency that provides strategic and technical Drupal Development, Staff Augmentation, and Support services. The company has staff and is engaged in projects worldwide, and has served and supported some of the largest Drupal enterprise sites on the web. Celebrate Drupal has served over 30 major enterprise clients including The National Archives, Hasbro - Wizards of the Coast, Voya FinancialThe U.S. Department's of Education, Veterans Affairs, and Defense, The Corporation for National and Community Service, and many others.

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