Our team at Celebrate Drupal is extremely proud of all we have accomplished, including being recognized recently as a top web developer and designer in Seattle by Clutch, an IT research firm. As a result of being ranked in their report, Clutch reached out to interview our founder Chris McGrath to learn his thoughts on the evolution of Drupal. Web development is no easy task, and deciding what platform to use is the first step.

Numerous website builders exist, such as Squarespace and Wix for a more simple website, but it goes without saying our favorite CMS at Celebrate Drupal for more sophisticated projects is Drupal. In this interview Chris, discussed why people tend to use Drupal, and what makes it an attractive option.

The first point is that it is an open-source tool, so people and companies looking to use it are typically seeking relief from proprietary technology licensing fees. A second point is that: “When coming to us, a lot of companies have already subscribed to the componentized nature of Drupal—a modular style architecture that boasts prepackaged functionalities which may already match the customer’s use case.

Being one of the largest open-source communities out there, a piece of functionality will often continue to be maintained by its creator, and the user doesn’t have to do a thing other than use it and hopefully offer support in kind in some way via collaborating on extending or maintaining themselves, or making a financial contribution to the original developer. One way or another the technical debt is managed by someone else.” Although the technical debt can be managed by someone else, it is also essential to think about many other facets of the web applicaiton such as security practices.

We must remember: “the website is living in a home—the server. If it’s not up-to- date, and different patches are not in place, there will be vulnerabilities. If the application isn’t being maintained, and is out-of- date with security patches or updates, there will again be vulnerabilities.” Keeping this in mind will help a client maintain health on the website in the long run. We have been impressed with the latest version of Drupal, D8, and while there is always room for improvement, we are looking forward to watching the community and platform grow. Thank you to Clutch for thinking of us and letting us share our expertise with you. We are excited to maintain our standing as one of Seattle’s top web developers and designers on your site for years to come and continuing to wave the Drupal flag!

Chris McGrath - Co-founder Celebrate Drupal