Chris McGrath
Co-founder, V.P. - Sr. Drupal Developer

Over his 22 year career in technology Chris has worked in communications, web development and digital strategy with brands like AT&T, Real Networks, and Over the past 6 years he has devoted himself to Drupal having worked and consulted on numerous high level corporate, government and NGO projects with clients like The State’s of Washington, Missouri, New York, North Carolina and Georgia, The U.S. Department’s of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Education, Voya Financial, Hasbro Inc. and many others.

Chris is a hands-on Front End Drupal Developer and UX Architect at Kony, a successful mobile device startup. He has also been co-founder of a handful of successful startups throughout his career, most recently Celebrate Drupal, and Drupal Contractors, a staffing service catering to employers seeking to connect with qualified Drupal Talent.

He is also in the process of incubating Drupal Institute, a non-profit digital learning platform for Drupal, aimed at providing age accessible curriculum to gradeschool, highschool and college students in partnership with Chris Shattuck of Build a Module. The platform will offer video instruction content supplied by and be paired with online and in-person exams that lead to Certificates of Completion offered by Drupal Institute. Chris is the co-coordinator of the local Olympia Drupal user group and a frequent presenter at Drupal events. When not thinking about or working with Drupal or other cutting edge web technology Chris enjoys spending time with his family in the great Northwest and South Puget Sound. 

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